Designed for Cost-Effective Monitoring

The ColdMark Freeze Indicator’s innovative construction makes it the most accurate, cost-effective choice for your product monitoring.

Here’s How ColdMark Works

ColdMark operation is simple but accurate.

The ColdMark indicator tube and bulb contain a specially formulated colorless fluid, a violet-colored fluid, and a green-colored fluid separating the two.

When the indicator is exposed to a temperature at or below the response temperature for approximately 30 minutes, the colorless bulb fluid solidifies and contracts. This draws the colored liquids into the bulb and the bulb changes from clear and colorless to cloudy with streaks of violet.

When the indicator is warmed to above the response temperature again, the bulb changes irreversibly to a uniform violet.

Application is Simple

ColdMark’s construction makes it fast and simple to add the benefits of temperature monitoring to your product.

Simply peel the release liner off the back of the indicator and adhere the pressure-sensitive adhesive backing to a dry surface. You can place the indicator on the exterior or in the interior of a shipping container. (ColdMark Indicators should not be placed where they are exposed to crushing pressure.)

Know At a Glance If Your Product Has Been Exposed To Abusive Temperature

Available in a response temperature of ‑3˚C, 0˚C, 2˚C, 5˚C and 10˚C.

Indicator size is 3 ¼ inches long and ¾ inches wide and 3/8 inches high (8,4 cm long, 1,9 cm wide 0,9 cm high).

Color change is irreversible and tamper-proof.

ColdMark indicators must be stored above their response temperature and should not be exposed to temperatures exceeding 110˚F / 43˚C.


Many temperature-sensitive products quickly lose their quality with exposure to cold temperatures. With ColdMark Freeze Indicators, you’ll know if your product has been exposed to colder-than-acceptable conditions. Because certain products are affected at different temperatures, several response temperatures are available.

Here’s how ColdMark works

Three fluids are contained inside ColdMark’s capillary tube/bulb piece – one colorless, one green, and one violet fluid. The clear colorless fluid, located in the bulb, is formulated to freeze at the response temperature.

The green fluid acts as a barrier between the violet and clear fluids.

When ColdMark is exposed below the response temperature, the clear fluid contracts, drawing the green and violet fluids into the bulb.

The bulb changes from clear and colorless to cloudy with streaks of violet. When the ColdMark indicator warms to above the response temperature, the bulb changes irreversibly to a uniform violet color.

This is a visible, definite indication of exposure to freezing temperatures – and this change cannot be reversed.


ColdMark Freeze Indicators Accuracy: +/- 1ºC.

Packaging: 100 ColdMark Indicators per bag.

Storage: Room Temperature (not to exceed 43ºC) or cool storage (no colder than 5ºC above response temperature).

Shelf life: Two years from date of manufacture.

Applications: Monitoring Temperature of drug and medical products, vaccines, diagnostic test kits, cosmetics, paint, chemicals.

Length x width x thickness: 8.4 x 1.9 x 0.9 cm

Product Number Response Temperature
CM -3 -3ºC
CM 0 0ºC
CM 2 2ºC
CM 5 5ºC
CM 10 10ºC



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