Providing a visual history of freezing temperature exposure

3M™ Freeze Watch™ Indicators


How to Use 3M Freeze Watch Indicators:

1. Attach the Freeze Watch indicator using the pressure sensitive adhesive on the back.  Peel the release liner off the back and adhere the indicator to a clean, dry surface.

2. Before reading, the indicator should be in an area above freezing temperature for at least fifteen minutes.

3. To detect if the product has been exposed to freezing temperatures, observe the Freeze Watch indicator.  If the indicator paper is stained with color, your product has been exposed.

4. If the indicator paper shows no color indication, remove indicator from the surface to which it is attached.

Vigorously tap the bottom edge of the indicator three times on a hard surface.  If the paper becomes stained, your product was exposed to freezing temperatures.  Tapping will not cause color staining in an unexposed indicator.


To prevent premature indication, keep from freezing prior to use.  Storage in a controlled environment at 5° to 32°C, 20 to 60% relative humidity, is suggested.

Shelf Life

If stored at suggested conditions, shelf life for the 3M Freeze WatchTM indicator is five years from date of manufacture.

Ordering Information

3M Freeze Watch Indicators

Product Activation Temperature
9800FW (9800) -4ºC
9805FW (9805) 0ºC
Size: 57mm x 38mm x 6mm (thick) (approx.)
Backing: Adhesive backed with peel off release liner.
Packed: 400 units per case.

The 3M Freeze Watch indicators monitor temperature exposure, not product quality.  Their purpose is to signal when product quality should be checked.




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