Electronic Temperature Monitoring Solution

Endicate is an extremely accurate and user friendly temperature monitoring solution that will protect the integrity of your product.

Highly regulated shipments present a challenge throughout shipping and storage.
To guarantee the integrity of your product, the Endicate electronic temperature monitoring solution provides reliable information about temperature excursions upon receipt of shipment. Endicate provides the assurance you need to guarantee a product’s quality with a temperature range from -20°C to 70°C and 4 easily read programmed alarms.

Endicate is easily deployed with the push of a button. The large display screen clearly shows which alarms have triggered and gives a clear, readable notification detailing whether the shipment is okay or if a temperature excursion has been reached.
This functionality gives you and your customer the confidence necessary to make an immediate decision in order to protect your brand and your customer.
Endicate can be customized with your branding and configured based on your tracking needs.

Endicate’s advanced time and temperature functionality allows you to pinpoint exactly when a product has been exposed to a temperature that could affect its quality.
Upon receipt of a shipment, the device displays a sequenced 6-digit code for each alarm. This code can be used to determine the exact date and time within and hour of each of the 4 alarms, protecting your brand and allowing you to assume responsibility throughout your supply chain. link to support page

Temperature Measurement Range:
-20°C to 70°C
Temperature Accuracy:
±0.5°C for full range
Operating Life:
60 days
Start Options:
Button press
Alarm Settings:
Up to 4 programmable time and temperature;
Single, continuous and cumulative available
Sample Intervals:
1-255 in increments of 1 minute
Shelf Life:
24 Months
Delay Available:
8 hours in 1 minute increments
Adhesive backed
Custom configuration and delay start
Single use
Time and Temperature:
Identify date and time triggered for all 4 alarms
Not to be submerged in liquid

Have the confidence you need in your supply chain to ensure your product travels safely and you brand is protected