3M™ MonitorMark™ Time Temperature Integrators

3M time temperature integrators feature a high contrast indicator that turns blue as a result of exposure to rising temperatures. This is accomplished by the appearance and progressive migration of blue color, left to right through a series of viewing windows.

3M™ MonitorMark™ Dual Temperature Integrators

3M dual temperature integrator has the same progressive, multiple window feature as the standard time temperature integrators. But it also includes an additional indicator for a second, higher temperature threshold. The dual temperature integrator records exposure and duration at one temperature level, and indicates temperature elevation above an even more critical secondary level.

Ordering Information

3M MonitorMark Time Temperature Integrators

Product Activation Temperature Runout Time*
9860A -15°C 48 hours
9860B 5°C 48 hours
9860C 10°C 48 hours
9860D 10°C 1 week
9860E 26°C 48 hours
9860H 31°C 1 week
9864A 17°C 1 hour
* Time required for the blue color to move through the middle of the fifth window during exposure at a constant temperature 2°C above the above stated activation temperature.
Size: 95mm x 19mm x 1.5mm thick (approx.) 
Backing: High performance, pressure-sensitive adhesive with peel off release liner.
Packed: 100 per box, 5 boxes per case (500 indicators)
Each box of MonitorMark Time Temperature integrators includes a response card. The card contains instructions for users to analyze any evidence of temperature threshold exposure.


3M MonitorMark
Dual Temperature Integrator

Product Activation Temperature Runout Time*
9861A 10°C34°C 2 weeks1 hour
Size: 3-3/4” x ¾” x 1/16” thick (approx.)
Backing: High performance, pressure-sensitive adhesive with peel off release liner.
Packed: 100 per box, 5 boxes per case (500 indicators)


The MonitorMark time temperature integrators monitor temperature exposure, not product quality.  Their purpose is to signal when product quality should be checked.



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