“How long has my product been kept above its maximum recommended storage temperature?

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Timestrip®PLUS irreversible indicators monitor the accumulated time that a product has been exposed to excessive temperature.

Product quality can often be compromised by exposure to elevated temperatures during transit or storage. It is not always enough to know that a single event has occurred. What if you need to know how long your product spent above a defined temperature? What if your product can tolerate a number of excursions provided they are short-lived?

Timestrip®PLUS not only communicates that one or more temperature excursions have occurred, but also records the cumulative time your product has spent above a critical temperature.

Timestrip®PLUS irreversible temperature indicators are highly accurate, cost-effective and easy to use. They are supplied in an adhesive label format that is ideal for direct application either to products or packaging.

Timestrip®PLUS indicators are completely inert prior to activation, which is performed by simply squeezing the blister on top of the indicator.


The viewing window undergoes a distinctive colour change from white to blue, showing that it is active. As long as the product is held under the safe temperature, the colour does not progress. If the temperature threshold is breached, the colour moves across the scale, indicating how long it has been above that temperature, allowing the user to take the appropriate remedial action.

How long did a temperature breach last?
It’s great to have a product that tells you if a temperature breach has occurred, but sometimes you need more information – like how long did the breach last? For some products, this is the vital detail and Timestrip®PLUS provides it.Timestrip®PLUS will tell you how long a product has been exposed to higher temperatures and is the first truly cost-effective indicator to do so.

Communication, communication, communication
Timestrip®PLUS tells you that one or more temperature excursions has occurred, but also indicates the cumulative amount of time during which the product exceeded its recommended temperature. By recording this additional data, Timestrip®PLUS gives you the whole picture and provides all the information you need to decide on appropriate action.

Accurate for chilled or frozen
Timestrip®PLUS is accurate, cost-effective and easy to use and can be directly applied to products and/or packaging. Timestrip®PLUS indicators are available for a variety of temperature thresholds:  8°C, 10°C, 25°C, and 30°C for chilled / room temperature products; and 0°C and -20°C for frozen products.

  • Activation feature – can be shipped and stored under any temperature conditions, saving money and hassle
  • Highly Accurate
  • Indicator window confirms activation, to let you know the product is ‘on’
  • Unique serial code printed on each indicator for traceability
  • Long shelf life
  • Unambiguous color progression to show length of temperature breach
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Customized product & carrying cards available to distinguish your company or your customer
  • No preconditioning required
  • Water resistant
  • Modern Look and Feel
  • Fast response time

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