Designed for Cost-Effective Monitoring

WarmMark Time-Temperature Tags are designed for accurate monitoring at the lowest possible cost. Its basic components are: a track strip of blotter paper running the length of the tag, a blotter paper pad saturated with a red-dyed chemical specially formulated to melt at the tag’s response temperature, a strip of barrier film separating the track strip and the saturated pad. Its innovative construction makes WarmMark Tags the most accurate, cost-effective choice for your product monitoring.

Here’s How WarmMark Works

WarmMark operation is simple but accurate. First, remove the WarmMark activation tab and the attached strip of barrier film, bringing the track strip and the saturated pad inside the tag in direct contact with each other.

Then, if the tag is exposed above its response temperature, the chemical in the pad melts and begins to migrate down the track strip and color in the circular windows at a controlled rate. Whenever the temperature falls below the response temperature, migration of the chemical stops. Accuracy of the WarmMark tag is guaranteed to be within 1°C above or below the response temperature.

Application is Simple

WarmMark’s construction makes it fast and simple to add the benefits of time/temperature monitoring to your product. To prepare the WarmMark Tag for use, store the tag for a minimum of 30 minutes at least 5°C below the response temperature.

Then apply the WarmMark Tag by peeling the release liner off the back of the tag and adhere the pressure sensitive adhesive backing to a dry surface. From that point on WarmMark will monitor your product until it reaches its destination.

Available in a variety of response temperatures: -18˚C to 37˚C.
Tag size is 1.9 cm wide and 4.6 cm long and .15 cm thick..



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