Pull the plug on inefficient sensors. LOG-IC lowers your risk.

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Revolutionize your cold chain. Whether your concern is time, cost, reduced risk or durability, LOG-IC gives you a superior solution versus common, inefficient sensors.

Save time and costs. Common sensors require you to open a box, search for the sensor, take it to the docking station, plug it in the PC and follow download prompts.
It’s a very time-consuming, labor-intensive process. With LOG-IC wireless technology, you eliminate these steps. Simply scan – without opening a box – and view thousands of tags from the mobile reader, including detailed charts and graphs.

Easily reduce risk. With LOG-IC you can view/download data at any point in your cold chain, as often as you need. Common sensors only download once. Automatic PC email alerts, also available with LOG-IC, give you a faster response to risk. LOG-IC further ensures accurate monitoring with lifetime calibration.

Durability matters. Common sensors put you at risk with sensitive electronics and a fragile design. If you drop them, there’s a good chance they’ll break. Durable LOG-IC tags are tough enough to survive being run over by a forklift.

Log-ic 360™ Solutions for Mobile NFC Devices

ATI’s NFC option extends Log-ic 360º temperature monitoring advantages by implementing the Log-ic 360™ Mobile App, making live data the standard in your cold chain.

You can protect critical shipments all the way down to the last mile.

With ATI’s NFC option for Log-ic 360™ loggers and your smartphone checking shipments is as easy as answering a call.
ATI’s solution lets you monitor temperature excursions where they are typically most difficult to control:

  •  Small-volume, infrequent shipments
  •  Remote locations.

The NFC option offers numerous benefits:

  • Access to temperature data on your smartphone by using the Log-ic 360™ Mobile App
  • Export data easily to anyone in your cold chain via email or cloud
  • Complete data reports are generated immediately on your smartphone
  • Temperature monitoring at any point in the cold chain
  • Immediate decision support and documentation via emailed PDF reports
  • Ability to pinpoint precise location of temperature abuse
  • Universal standards to simplify use and data sharing in global applications

The Log-ic 360™ NFC design ensures a thorough, cost-effective solution to reduce risk:

  •     NFC antenna embedded in Log-ic 360™ logger
  •     Onboard HI/LO excursion notification
  •     Compact, lightweight package

The fully functional Log-ic 360™ Mobile App enables recipients to review complete temperature history, including detailed charts, graphs and reports. It is currently compatible with NFC-capable, Android powered smartphones.

Don’t take a chance. Any comparison shows that LOG-IC reduces your risk, easily and cost-effectively.

LOG-IC Demo Video

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LOG-IC Software

Download the LOG-IC One Page Report software below or go to Downloads for other software and manuals.

Download LOG-IC Report Software.