Temperature Monitor

New low cost lithium free temperature monitor alternative to expensive single use data loggers for last mile shipments.

TRACE-R Temperature Monitor


Monitors temperature compliance across
accepted low and high temperature ranges
4 temperature combinations available *:

  • 0°C ~ 8°C
  • 2°C ~ 8°C
  • 15°C ~ 25°C
  • 15°C ~ 30°C
* custom temperature configurations are available

 Ambient Temperature Compliance

  • Introducing the first chemical indicator to monitor 15°C

Simplify your cold chain compliance

  • Simple one step activation
    Product Exposed to Temperature Below Threshold

    Product Exposed to Temperature Below 15°C

  • Two indicators contained on one card
  • Pictograms to indicate temperature breach

Simple interpretation

  • RED indicates a temperature excursion


Warm Temperature Breach

Product Exposed to Temperature Above 25°C


Ease of use

  • Pull tab to activate heat indicator
  • Cold indicator is always active
  • 2 years shelf life
  • Storage at room temperature